Makumaku is the name of a local ball game played in the Eastern Congo, formerly known as Zaire. Johann Cruyff, who came up with the concept of Total Football during a visit to the area in the late 1960s, was part of a goodwill tour of Africa. During the voyage Cruyff said he became involved in a ball game on a small patch of field on the edges of the forest. Showed to him by a local chief named Bonobo, Cruyff learned that no player ever has a specific position in the game. His or her contribution is based on her or his best skill, and integrated into the ultimate team concept. This way each player and each team is part of a constant cycle combining ultimate collective performance and individual growth.

We agree. There are no small roles, just small people, most of whom can grow better.

Makumaku. Nutritional and delishional storytelling.